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Afghan Watan Risk Management Security Division's team of experienced professionals is highly trained in all fields of military and police activities.

The owner is supported by a select group of handpicked trainers who share his expertise and ability to interact with and train troops and personnel from the region, assuring effective knowledge transfer to our Afghan field personnel. Our trainers have expert knowledge in areas such as counter terrorism, special operations, airborne, dignitary protection, combat, combat support, arms tactics, arms concepts, security and security assessments. Watan Risk Management can also provide resources and equipment as needed.

Our trainers are supported by handpicked contingents of loyal, highly trained and battle-hardened Afghan field personnel. Our Afghan field personnel are the Gurkhas of the 21st Century. Just as the Gurkhas were recognized by the British in the 19th Century for their ability to keep their forces at bay, our Afghans represent the only group of independent fighters around the world with the resolve and ferocity to defeat Soviet military might. Today, Watan Risk Management is making the loyalty and prowess of our team of handpicked Afghans available to our select clients, assuring the integrity of your mission critical sites and facilities and the safety of your personnel.

Afghan Security Personnel


Based on Afghan Watan Risk Management's unique insider understanding, strong tribal relationships, and ability to operate as part of the Afghan environment, Watan Risk Management is the only security firm able to effectively screen out all undesirable elements. We can surely guarantee and assure that all personnel we assign to our clients are highly loyal, reliable, and proactive in the face of volatile situations.

Our Afghan field personnel are diligently screened to weed out all ex-militia members, supporters of the Taliban, or individuals with loyalty to warlords, drug barons, or any other group opposed to international support of the democratic process. Our close protection teams are unique; we always establish a 100% chameleon effect, giving off no signals whatsoever to state we are security. Our vehicles are selected to blend in and we utilize locals to the maximum effect. We step aside when we see high profile security companies appearing who brandish weapons and egos much to the local populations disdain. Our operations stem from years of covert tasks tailored and suited to the environment, we constantly change and update our techniques in order to match terrorist's ever-changing methods.

Our field personnel are supportive of the American-backed reconstruction of Afghanistan, loyal to the democratic government, highly reliable, battle-hardened, and have received Special Forces training. We know their families and tribal sympathies, and understand in which regions and conditions they are best fit to interact proactively with the communities they are assigned to operate in. By assuring local sensitivity to the local environment, Watan Risk Management is not only assuring local participation in the reconstruction process; Watan Risk Management is proactively assuring local project protection from the enemies of the reconstruction effort.

Whereas many foreign firms are only deployed in Afghanistan for the duration of their contracts, Watan Risk Management is committed to Afghanistan for the long term. This means we are a significant source of continuous long-term employment in Afghanistan, an essential component of the reconstruction process. Our long-term commitment enables us to leverage local resources and tribal relationships in a way that no other company can. We know the culture, the people, and the terrain: in short Watan Risk Management is your key to mastering the operating environment.

The combination of highly qualified experts, skilled technical support personnel, trustworthy and battle hardened security forces, strong local relationships, and many years of practical implementation experience enable us to offer you a unique level of service, at a value that no other local or multinational security firm can match.


About Afghan WatanRisk management

Key Personnel
We are Afghan owned, British managed and are working towards Afghan management.
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Security Personnel
Watan Risk Management Security Division's team of experienced professionals is highly trained in all fields of military and police activities.
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Screening Process
Watan Risk Management is the only security firm able to effectively screen out all ex-militia members.
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Our concept is low-key, and unobtrusive, our close protection teams are trained to a high degree.
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Our Clients
We have worked for a wide range of prestigious clientele.
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