International Security Management


Afghan Watan Risk Management is able to provide security-vetted, high-quality former British military personnel with commercial experience of Afghanistan to oversee all a client's security needs. Supported by Watan Group management, our international security professional are able to continually assess a client's needs and support their staff, both national and international with advice and physical support across Afghanistan. We find an international security manager is a cost-effective way for clients to provide full duty of care to staff ensuring they are provided with constant advice and reassurance in an increasingly uncertain security environment.

Close Protection Services - Personal Security Detail (PSD)

Watan is able to provide long and short-term close protection services/PSD to clients with trained international or national teams (as appropriate). All our close protection teams have been trained to a high standard by former British / American Special Forces.

All PSD advisors will be from Western nations and will have special operations experience. In addition they will have experience operating in Afghanistan or other similar combat environments. The following is a list of skills that will be required by all PSD advisors:

  • Advanced small arms
  • Small team tactics
  • Advanced driving
  • Combat Life Saver course or similar training
  • Communications
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) training
  • Advanced PSD training

Afghani personnel security forces will be selected based on their experience and capability. Those that are selected will be provided additional training to fill in any gaps in their skill set. The following is a list of skills required of all Watan's Afghani personnel security forces:

  • Advanced small arms
  • Small team tactics
  • Basic first aid
  • PSD training

Quick Reaction Force

Quick Reaction Force Afghnistan

Watan Group is able to offer clients a Quick Reaction Force (QRF). On call 24 hours through our Operations Centre, trained and ready to react to all incidents including civil unrest, the QRF is able to respond in the event of an emergency to reassure clients and if necessary evacuate them to a safe location. The use of the QRF would be closely integrated into a client's contingency and evacuation plans.

Watan's QRF will also provide critical personnel and PSD personnel with a personnel recovery capability in the event there is an attack or accident. The QRF will be responsible for coordinating with all PSDs prior to any movement of protected personnel. They will also be responsible for obtaining threat information, employ operational risk management, obtaining primary and alternate routes from the PSDs, developing a personnel recovery plan, obtaining the PSD communications plan, developing an EPA, responding to an attack, extricating personnel from vehicles, providing advanced field medical treatment, and extracting personnel to a medical facility.

Watan Operations Centre

Watan is able to integrate client communications systems into our Operations Centre in Kabul ensuring we have an overview of all client activities and provide an appropriate response in an emergency. As part of any security audit we can look closely at a client's communications systems and make recommendations as to its integration into a command and control network. Watan can also source a variety of additional communications systems appropriate to clients needs, including HF, VHF, UHF and mobile phone or satellite tracking systems.

Secure Tracking

Watan can supply GPS/alarm tracking systems on all client vehicles or provide personal devices to individuals. This enables us to track client movements and ensure a faster response in the event of an emergency, which might be anything from a security incident to a traffic accident. Clients can activate an alarm in the vehicle and prompt an appropriate response from our Operations Centre or their Security Manager.

About Afghan WatanRisk management

Key Personnel
We are Afghan owned, British managed and are working towards Afghan management.
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Security Personnel
Watan Risk Management Security Division's team of experienced professionals is highly trained in all fields of military and police activities.
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Screening Process
Watan Risk Management is the only security firm able to effectively screen out all ex-militia members.
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Our concept is low-key, and unobtrusive, our close protection teams are trained to a high degree.
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Our Clients
We have worked for a wide range of prestigious clientele.
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