Security Design and Implementation

Infrastructure Afghanistan

Following a security audit, or independently, Watan can provide clients with the full range of physical security improvements through the group's construction arm, Ehsaan Construction.

  • Safe Rooms
  • Walls and Fencing
  • Security Screens
  • CCTV
  • Hesco and Sandbagging
  • Razor Wire
  • Vehicle Search Bays

About Afghan WatanRisk management

Key Personnel
We are Afghan owned, British managed and are working towards Afghan management.
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Security Personnel
Watan Risk Management Security Division's team of experienced professionals is highly trained in all fields of military and police activities.
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Screening Process
Watan Risk Management is the only security firm able to effectively screen out all ex-militia members.
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Our concept is low-key, and unobtrusive, our close protection teams are trained to a high degree.
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Our Clients
We have worked for a wide range of prestigious clientele.
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