Professional Development

Professional development and capacity building is central to the Watan Group's philosophy. As an Afghan company we understand the importance of mentoring all staff and developing their skills in order to increase the skill-base, not just internally, but in the general workplace. The Watan Group always ensures its staff receive the highest levels of training and is able to extend that to client staff to ensure the security systems are fully integrated into the client's own processes.

Education and Investment in People

As an Afghan company, Watan Group believes in investing in its people, providing them with continuous education and training, not just in line with the immediate job, but also to increase the general abilities of our workforce and of Afghanistan's wider skill-base. As part of this, Watan Group provide all national staff with English tuition and other training, including computer skills. Training and education takes place either at client's sites or at Watan's education or training centres (see below).

Training Approach and Methods

Watan seeks to apply its training approach in line with a client's own ethos to develop key skills in an ethical manner. Watan uses a mix of vocational, on-the-job training, regular courses and refresher training and tailored courses to fulfil particular needs. Our own in-house Training Manager in consultation with the client designs all courses. Training courses can take place at client's sites or at our own training facility in Paghman.

Watan Training Centre Paghman

The Watan Group has its own training facility at its farm in Paghman, close to Kabul Golf Course and just 20 minutes from Kabul. The farm features a live firing range and a large area for scenario training.

Watan Education Centre Kabul

Watan has classroom facilities at its headquarters on the Salang Watt in Kabul for classroom based education activities such as language or computer training, available to all Watan employees as part of our Professional Development Programme.

Products and Services

International Security Management
Watan Risk Management is able to provide security-vetted, high-quality former British military personnel.
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Internal Manned Guarding
Watan Group is able to provide highly trained and motivated Afghan security guards to any client location across Afghanistan.
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Security Audits
Watan Risk Management is able to provide clients with full security audits of their operations across Afghanistan.
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Security Design & Implementation
Watan can provide clients with the full range of physical security improvements.
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Training Services
Watan is able to provide client staff training in basic skills critical to minimising their exposure to risk.
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