Internal Manned Guarding

Afghan Manned Guarding

Watan Group is able to provide highly trained and motivated Afghan security guards to any client location across Afghanistan. All guards are vetted through the Interior Ministry and their family backgrounds checked through Watan's own HR Department.

Watan Group's guards are trained by our international operations staff in all aspects of man-guarding including search techniques, both personal and vehicle. In addition the Watan Group trains their guards in 'customer care' skills amongst other things.

A client's guards are often the fist point of contact for staff and visitors and it is essential that this 'public face' is represented in a professional, dilligent and personable manner. The Watan Group provides constant monitoring of all its guard sites to ensure clients receive the same high level and quality of service throughout the day and night giving them full peace of mind.

About Afghan WatanRisk management

Key Personnel
We are Afghan owned, British managed and are working towards Afghan management.
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Security Personnel
Watan Risk Management Security Division's team of experienced professionals is highly trained in all fields of military and police activities.
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Screening Process
Watan Risk Management is the only security firm able to effectively screen out all ex-militia members.
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Our concept is low-key, and unobtrusive, our close protection teams are trained to a high degree.
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Our Clients
We have worked for a wide range of prestigious clientele.
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