Afghan Leadership

Afghan Watan Risk Management offers a unique answer to security. Our foundation is laid down from worldwide operations conducted to the highest possible standards. Our concept is low-key, and unobtrusive, our close protection teams are trained to a high degree and display no weapons or aggressive tactics whatsoever.

The team leaders are selected from a group of extremely experienced local Afghans. Personnel include former bodyguards of Afghan diplomats who also protected and led teams protecting high-level dignitaries.

Our concept is such that we utilize locals and local knowledge to the maximum effect. We have a friendly no nonsense approach to our client's needs and requirements; we tailor to suit the ever-changing face of our operations. Our men are well trained and well paid and conduct their duty with pride and respect.

Products and Services

International Security Management
Watan Risk Management is able to provide security-vetted, high-quality former British military personnel.
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Internal Manned Guarding
Watan Group is able to provide highly trained and motivated Afghan security guards to any client location across Afghanistan.
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Security Audits
Watan Risk Management is able to provide clients with full security audits of their operations across Afghanistan.
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Security Design & Implementation
Watan can provide clients with the full range of physical security improvements.
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Training Services
Watan is able to provide client staff training in basic skills critical to minimising their exposure to risk.
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