Afghan Watan Risk - Key Personnel

Group CEO

The CEO of Watan Group has been in the security industry for over 20 years. He has provided security to government ministers and prominent Afghan businessmen . Not only does he have an excellent understanding of international security standards, but he is able to combine that with first-class knowledge of Afghan government and tribal politics. Using this knowledge Afghan Watan Risk is able to minimise the threat to client's assets through careful negotiation with tribal leaders, often reducing the overall cost of security to the client. He is founder and president of the Union of Afghan Security Companies.

Central Programme Manager

Our Central operations manager is a former officer for the South African Police.  He was part of the Special Task Force and later joined the Special Forces squad the specialized in International Terrorism. He has passed numerous courses and is qualified in EOD, and as a Negotiator from the Military Physiologist Institution. He has trained and worked alongside SOS, GSG 9 , Delta and other International  Anti Terrorism Organizations.

He studied at the Commonwealth University in Economics and achieved an Msc, he later lectured in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei about Economics. He has also initiated large Projects like Gautrain South Africa, Harbor Expansion in Richardsbay and worked on Ministerial Committee’s on Developing South Africa. He also consults about Mining in Afghanistan for the companies mining sector.

Northern Programme Manager

Our Northern Programme Manager  comes from a British Parachute Regiment background. He has operational experience in both a military and commercial context having operated in numerous hostiles environments. He has extended his training further and qualified in South Africa with one of the most internationally respected colleges of its type to become a close protection officer. He holds an advanced driving, trauma care and firearms certificates. He has worked on high profile families in the UK before utilising his advanced skills and experience in hostile environments. He has extensive knowledge of Afghanistan and has spent the last five years in various provinces. He benefits from  previously working on an oil and gas projects in Iraq.

Northern Operations Manager

Our Northern Operations Manager is a former senior non-commissioned officer, he has worked at both tactical and strategic levels of hostile environment and permissive environment operations in conventional and special forces group roles. He have gained the perfect combination of experience and knowledge for security management positions owing to a multitude of skill-sets.  Thorough understanding and effective management of multi agency corporations to achieve objectives and  goals in a high pressured environment.  He has proven himself as an effective operator and manager of a team in the highest pressures of combat in such theaters as Northern Ireland, Balkans, Iraq & Afghanistan with commendation whilst maintaining a level head effecting tactical advantages in the heat of the moment to achieve strategic effect, these qualities have been put to good use in the commercial security sector in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has recently qualified as a certified security consultant and is engaged in furthering his academic skill set in security management.

Training Manager

He is Watan's dedicated  Training Manager. A graduate from the Indian Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), he was Chief of Staff to the Afghan Army in Kabul during the turbulent post-Soviet period. He has also served as Assistant Head of Intelligence at the Afghan Ministry of Defence and his last role was the Senior Liaison Officer between the MoD, NATO and US Forces. He is able to manage and oversee all levels of security operations and training, providing operational support to all our clients and project managers to ensure our projects run smoothly at all times. He also provides operational control of the Crisis Management Team in the event of an incident or emergency and oversees all our training packages.As an Afghan company we have a full understanding of both the political and security environment across the country. We also take the approach that all staff are important to an organisation's success and ensure both national and international staff are provided with the appropriate security and advice.



Products and Services

International Security Management
Watan Risk Management is able to provide security-vetted, high-quality former British military personnel.
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Internal Manned Guarding
Watan Group is able to provide highly trained and motivated Afghan security guards to any client location across Afghanistan.
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Security Audits
Watan Risk Management is able to provide clients with full security audits of their operations across Afghanistan.
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Security Design & Implementation
Watan can provide clients with the full range of physical security improvements.
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Training Services
Watan is able to provide client staff training in basic skills critical to minimising their exposure to risk.
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