Our Clients

The following list is representative of our partners' satisfied security clientele. Given the character of some of our assignments, we can only provide a partial list. For a better understanding of what we can do for you, we encourage you to contact us to set up a personal meeting so that you can better assess the quality of our services and expertise.

  • TAYL Investment (BVI)
  • CNPCI (China National Petroleum Corporation, International)



Products and Services

International Security Management
Watan Risk Management is able to provide security-vetted, high-quality former British military personnel.
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Internal Manned Guarding
Watan Group is able to provide highly trained and motivated Afghan security guards to any client location across Afghanistan.
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Security Audits
Watan Risk Management is able to provide clients with full security audits of their operations across Afghanistan.
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Security Design & Implementation
Watan can provide clients with the full range of physical security improvements.
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Training Services
Watan is able to provide client staff training in basic skills critical to minimising their exposure to risk.
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